Dark Beginnings

the adventure so far
A blog for the campaign

The story began with our fine adventurers heading into the mountains of Mondius in search of a hidden temple, their only clue a note which had been nailed to the door of their inn room.

 Upon finding the temple, the group met with the Master of the temple, and to prove their worthiness left to find a rare flower, a monk from the temple joining them. After hours of searching in a dank dungeon, they found a cavern where, in a patch of sunlight from high above, grew a single flower, next to a gleaming, massive sword, stuck point down in the earth. Before the group could investigate further, Demons attacked, and the group nearly met their end.

Taking both the flower and the Sword back to the master, the group learned that the Sword was an ancient relic, the Sword of Centuries, one of a collection of weapons prophesied to hold great power. The group then set out to the city of Sarthis, home of the Great Library, to discover the location of the other Weapons of Centuries.

 The Monk claimed entry into the city by Rite of Blood, but in order to gain access to the library, the group had to participate in an old Sarthan rite to prove their toughness. After many lashes of the whip, a wheel of cheese was claimed, and the location of the Weapons was learned.

The group learned that the Monk who was travelling with them was in fact one of the Two Kings of Sarthis, and contemplated this as they took to the ocean.

 After a journey of several days, they came to a small island with an old castle upon it, guarded by a giant red dragon, which they managed to sneak past. After another time of dungeoneering, the group found the other Weapons, only to be confronted by a small army of Demons.



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